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Our proposal

What we do

If we like your music and talent, we sign you. If we sign you, we put all our team to work on your music as a product always keeping you as our priority.

We produce you and if needed we record you. We promote your music. We design your identity as an artist and your merchandise. In our first level of
agreement we grant our artists and song-writers with 60% of the net profit, and 40% of the net profit to the company. The more you sell, the more you gain. 6040records makes you a partner in sales with the company. If you are an artist selling a gross sale of $300,000 per year, you get 70% on the net profit and 30% for the company. $700,000 per year, your gain is 80% on net profits and 20% to the company. If your average gross sales are $1,000,000 per year, you get the 90% net profit and the company gets 10%.
Anything after that is 90/10. Simple as that!

We welcome big stars to earn what they deserve!

Help our entrepreneur project, so we can break the business model!!! We accept all kind of monetary help so our great talents and artists keep making music to enrich your hearts and delight for your listening.